The fit daddy

So who is this guy?  What’s his story?  Well, my name is Gerad and I am a fit daddy.  I wasn’t always that way.  I did what most guys do, got married, got used to his wife’s delicious cooking, and gained a lot of weight.  Except at one point when i was 28 1/2 years old, I remembered that I had a goal to run an ultra-marathon before I was 30.  So….I started running.  A lot.  I lost 45 lb and never looked back.  I went from 5k to 10k to running my first half-marathon in April after I turned 29.  After that I ran a metric marathon (26.2km or 16.3 miles) in August before I ran the Baltimore Marathon in October.  I thought my dream was shot bc the only ultra left was the JFK50 in November and I turned 30 in January of that year.  So I emailed the race director and he told me there were charity spots left.  To make a long story short, I raised the money I needed in two weeks, only a month before the JFK.  I ran it.  It was hard.  Really hard.  I had to pull out at mile 28 because of five blisters on each foot.  As far as I was concerned, 28 miles is greater than 26.2 miles, so I accomplished my goal of running an ultra-marathon before I was 30.

Fast foward to now, I’m 31 and I’m in the best shape of my life.  I’ve run multiple Reebok Spartan Races, a Tough Mudder, the Merrell’s Down and Dirty twice, once with a 40lb backpack of bricks.  I’ve become addicted to working out and being the best me I can be.  The best part of all this is watching my daughter be proud of me.  The hug she gave me when I finished the Baltimore Marathon and said “Daddy, I’m so proud of you” brought me to tears almost instantly.


When I ran the Spartan Beast in New Jersey this year, my daughter did the Spartan Kids race.  She turned 4 (the cutoff age) a week before the race.  She killed it! “Daddy, I’m a Spartan just like you!”  The girl still tells me “AROO!”

So to any of you Dad’s out there that want to be fit and can’t seem to make it happen, you can do it.  I’m proof.  Make it happen.  You and your kids will be glad you did.  AROO!

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