A Proud Dad

  Allow me to introduce you to Jocelyn.  She is my daughter, my lifeblood, my best friend, my Spartan buddy, my fellow runner, my everything.  She goes by JoJo because her middle name is Joy.  Jo is one the most strong willed little girls I’ve ever met.  If you don’t do something the way she likes it, instant meltdown.  She is four years old going on 17.  She loves to run and be outside.  She will be the first to tell you that she can run faster than you, jump higher than you, she is stronger than you and she can do pretty much anything better than you.  She is a natural born competitor.  She has been there for me when I finished the Baltimore Marathon and she was the absolute loudest cheerleader during my Spartan Beast in NJ.  She has been to enough of my races that she was dying to do one herself.  “I want to be a Spartan too Daddy!” So I signed her up for the kids Spartan in NJ that she would run a week after her 4th birthday.  She was amazing!  I went in fully expecting that she would want me to carry her at some point but nope.  She did every obstacle, barely even asking for my help.  She was beyond proud of her medal.  To this very day, it’s one of the first things she shows people when they come over to our house.  “Check out my medal! I’m a Spartan!”  She was ecstatic when I told her she was going to run another Spartan race with me in VA next month.  
She loves to emulate everything I do.  She will randomly come up to me and flex her biceps telling me that her arms are bigger than mine.   We caught her outside peeing against a tree standing up about a month ago.  That was one instance that required a talk!  Her and I have so many favorite foods in common it’s crazy.  I just introduced her to my all-time favorite, Cheerwine, the other day and it quickly became both of our favorites.  If you have not experienced Cheerwine, you are truly missing out on one of Gods gifts to us.  She loves to sing, plays a mean air guitar, and dances like she was near death and the mere act of dancing was the only thing keeping her alive.  It’s intense.  

I love this girl with all my heart.  Anyone who sees us together knows, without a doubt, that she is my guts.  I absolutely can not wait for the VA Super so I can watch this girl kill it once again.  If you think that what you are passionate about doesn’t translate to your kids, think again.  Your passion becomes their passion.  Your attitudes become their attitudes.  My choice in life is to make those things something admirable, something she can be proud of, something that will take her far in life.  That’s what every dad wants right? AROO!

We picked some amazing raspberries today

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