Swim Night

Tonight was a swim night at the in-laws house.  Every time I swim with kids, it ends up being a workout for me.  Maybe it’s cuz inside I’m really like 5.  All it takes is for me to throw one kid, then every single kid wants to be thrown…one hundred million times!  After about 946 throws, I feel like I just did 10 super sets of military press, lateral raises, and shrugs.  Jo is so much more fun this year than last year.  Not that she wasn’t fun last year, but this year she has her little tiny floaties on and she goes to town.  She just doggy paddles her way around the pool, circle after circle, until she needs a break by the ladder for a second.  Then she is back at it again.  I did a lake trip a few weeks ago and had literal battle wounds from kids scratching me and clawing at my back to be the next kid thrown. The thing about me is, I can’t just throw a kid. Every throw is an internal competition over who I can throw the farthest.  When that gets boring, then I start spinning them midair.  If that gets boring, I move on to flips.  Ok so I haven’t moved on to the third one yet.

All of the kid stuff aside, swimming is really one of the most therapeutic exercises you can do.  There is something about the weightlessness and the ever so slight resistance that nurses sore muscles back to health.  There is something that it does to a guys ego to see the water glistening and reflecting off each striation and shadow of your bulging muscles.  Next time you feel some soreness or stiffness in a muscle, take a trip to the pool and wade around a little.  It helps.  Then glance down to your jacked up dieselness and think, “is this safe?……to look this awesome?”  Yes. Yes it is.  Keep at it.  Work hard.  AROO!

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