My Best Workout Investment

When I look back at my progress over the last few months, I started to ask myself, “if I could recommend one thing to someone, what would it be?”  The answer to that question is easy.  My best investment is a two-part investment that I use together.  First, I bought a rafter mount chin-up bar.  This chin-up bar is heavy duty and can hold my body weight easily.  It has sides that flare out and also two bars that come forward.  The amount of variations you can do can really pay dividends in your shoulders and back.  The second part was purchasing gymnastics rings.  I bought rings that can adjust via straps much like the tow straps you would buy for your truck.  This allows me to raise the rings and lower the rings for a variety of different exercises.  I can keep them raised and do dips, lay underneath of them and do a row variation, lower them all the way to the ground and do push-ups, etc.  The advantage to using rings is that you are now forcing your body to use all those little stabilizer muscles to support your weight and keep you balanced.  I noticed a lot of strength gains from doing exercises with just these two things.  

Farther down the line, you can purchase a dip belt.  If you are unfamiliar with what a dip belt is, it’s basically a belt with a chain attached to it where you can hook on additional weight.   Eventually, dips and chin-ups will become easy with only your body weight.  Adding extra weight will force your muscles to work harder and push you to the next level.  

I don’t claim to be a professional or to have all the answers.  I just want to share what has worked for me.  For a small investment, you can add some variation to your workouts and become a better, stronger you.  That’s what everyone wants right?  Keep at it. Stay motivated.  Reap the benefits. AROO!


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