Total Body Diet

Today is day 3 of my detox/cutting/eating healthy plan.  From how my body feels, I’m thinking about what it would be like writing a letter from your death bed.  As you lay there, barely able to move, probably hungry from not being able to eat, you think about all the good times and bad times of your life.  That pretty much describes me at the moment.  Ok, so that’s a little dramatic.  BUT, I DO have less energy, I definitely am hungry, and those squat lunges I just finished across my backyard have rendered me motionless on my couch with my iPhone and a big coffee mug of whey protein intricately blended with my last walking steps in my nutri-bullet.  
So why diet?  I want that absolutely shredded look.  That look where the veins in your arms look like the rivers on a map of Africa.  I want that six pack that pops.  Not your normal everyday six pack, the six pack that is so chiseled it looks painted on.   Contrary to popular belief among gym noobs, your six pack doesn’t come from sit-ups and crunches.  Yes, they can help, but your physique is made in the kitchen.  To put a twist on the great Yogi Berra, “90% of your six pack comes from diet, the other half is working out.”  So for me, I’m doing a mix of paleo, primal, and clean eating.  Basically meats, fruits, veggies, nuts and water.  I’ve managed to cut out sugar.  It’s not until you quit sugar that you start to crave it. A donut never looked as good as it does when you’ve had no sugar for a few days.  I even drove by the only sheetz in the area with Cheerwine tonight.  Now THAT is dedication.  Dinner tonight was fettucini Alfredo with cream substituted in the sauce and zucchini noodles.  I made a big batch of water and cut up lemons and threw them in.  It was sour but good.  I added some mixed berries to level out the sour a little bit.  

Hopefully I can keep this up for four weeks.  I’m curious if I can maintain my weight or even add a little weight while dropping body fat.  I think I can make that happen as long as I keep my protein intake up.  My exception is going to be on Aug 21, the day before the Spartan Super in VA.  I’m going to have to carb load for that one.  I’ll burn enough calories during that race that it won’t matter.  So here we go, I’m embracing the suckage right now with hopes it gets better.  If it doesn’t, then maybe the results will justify the hard work I put in.  I hope.  Encouragement is encouraged! AROO!


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