Spartan Trifecta

Tomorrow is the big day!!! The day I enter Spartan Trifecta glory!!!  The day where a culmination of determination, motivation, and inspiration transpires into a beautiful conglomeration of red, blue, and green.  In case you can’t tell, I’m excited!

For those of you that aren’t in the know, the Reebok Spartan race is the most challenging obstacle course race series there is.  They have three different distances – the sprint, the super, and the beast.  The sprint is usually a 3-5 mile course, the super is 8-10 miles, and the beast is 12-14 miles.  Upon finishing the sprint race, you get a red medal as well as a red third of a medal.  When you finish the super, you get a blue medal as well as a blue third of a medal.  Then when you finish the beast, you get a green medal with a green third of a medal.  When you complete all three distances, you can put your the thirds together and form a giant red, blue, and green trifecta medal.  The coveted trifecta medal, the holy grail of Spartan racing (other than a coin but I digress), will be mine tomorrow.

The obstacles in this race are crazy.  There aren’t any electrified wires or jumping off of 12 ft platforms.  Everything in the Spartan Race requires some level of physical fitness.  There aren’t any gimmicks, you either train for it so you can complete the obstacles OR you can fail the obstacles and do burpees.  Either way, you’re going to get a workout.  My favorite part about the Spartan Race is the racers.  A spartan does not leave another Spartan behind.  I’ve found this to be true as I have time and time again witnessed fellow racers helping each other complete obstacles.  Most of the time they have never met that person in their life before that obstacle.  That is the beauty of the Spartan Race.  It does not matter how you get there, as long as you finish.  Even if that means some help from fellow Spartans along the way, you still finished.  You pushed yourself past what you were capable of doing.  You reached your limit, then ran past it in a cloud of dust, mud, and triumph.  

If anyone is considering running a spartan race, do it.  Sign up.  If you sign up, you will put in the training.  How do I know this? Because you won’t spend over $100 to go embarrass yourself.  You won’t spend $100 to quit halfway through.  You just won’t.  Find out what you’re made of.  Then, find out what your kids are made of.  In an age of kids that would rather lounge inside and play video games, engaging your kids outside and helping them grow up to have a healthy, fit lifestyle is incredibly rewarding.  Tomorrow, I get to watch my daughter complete her second Spartan kids race, a 1/2 mile obstacle course that is a smaller version of the full course.  My daughter loves this and can’t wait to run through the mud and climb over the kid obstacles.  Watching Jo get her second Spartan medal is more rewarding to me than my trifecta.  Blasphemy right? But it’s true.  If anyone reading this is coming to wintergreen tomorrow, say hi, introduce yourself!  I’ll be the dad that’s beaming ear to ear with a trifecta medal around his neck with a cute 4 year old with two medals hanging on his arm.  AROO!


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