Carved – Best Wooden iPhone Case Ever?

Last week, my friends at Carved were gracious enough to send me one of their custom wood iPhone cases for my iPhone 6.  I was a little skeptical on these cases, I’ll be honest.  I’m a fitness guy.  I’m totally used to the rugged cases that have these thick rubber outer edges.  How can a wood case, which is not necessarily known for being overly protective, be a fantastic all-around case?

Well Carved made me eat my words.  I unboxed this thing and out fell a little thank you card along with two stickers (my daughter was thrilled with these by the way).  The customer service gesture was well noted.  Then there was the case…..

I thought I heard angelic voices singing the Hallelujah chorus.  When I grabbed the case, I was pleasantly surprised by the weight.  The case is extremely light, especially compared to my ballistic case that I’ve had on my phone.  I took off my old case, cleaned off my phone a little, and put this puppy on.  I chose the hexagon inlay case, one of their best sellers.  Is it weird to say this case is sexy?  The hexagonal inlays are different colors and really make the case pop and stand out.  

They also double as excellent grippers.  I have no trouble holding this case with one hand for texting.  The phone went in the case quite easily and I found my phone more than adequately protected with the polycarbonate outer shell.  Picture a rubber bumper minus the bulkyness.  The wood is gorgeous and is made from responsibly harvested wood.  For being handmade, I can’t find any flaws in the finish.  The outer edges come up the sides just enough that if you placed the screen down, the screen wouldn’t touch.  I dropped this phone once in the last week and it survived just fine.  I’ve also used this case with filthy hands.  The finish on the wood seems to be resistant to dirt and grime from your fingers.  The buttons on the case work flawlessly.  My only complaint is that there isn’t much distinction between the outer edge of the phone and the volume rocker buttons.  Sometimes I found myself stumbling with my fingers to find the volume.  I guess they blend in pretty well with the sides of the case.  

One of the things that drew me to these cases is that they are handmade in the USA in Indiana and they are completely unique.  One case will never be exactly like the other.  If you truly want to see a gorgeous case, check out their Live Edge Wood line.  Wow!  The ones with the blue are stunning!  One of the things you’ll notice is you can handpick the exact case you want in the solid wood and edge wood lines.  That’s pretty cool.  I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on my Carved case.  They are the perfect blend of functionality and style.  Notice mine is still on my phone in the picture!  They very well may be the best wood iPhone case ever.  

Check these guys out at  

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