Dear Meathead 

Dear Meathead,

    I remember the first time I met your muscles.  I mean, that is what you wanted me to meet right?  Draped underneath your stringer tank and your unlaced basketball shoes that you’ve never played basketball in.  I heard you first, with your forceful grunting in front of the mirror at my local gym.  As you stood there curling the equivalent of two small children in each hand, you smirked at me and my 30lb dumbbells.   You waited impatiently as I used the squat rack to bang out some quick bench sets.  The huge gallon of pink pre-workout you sat down beside me said, “dude, hurry up.”  As I started to re-rack my weights, you were the guy who said “no, it’s cool, leave them.”  Then you added two more plates to each side.  I watch you as you study your muscles in the mirror between sets.  You make sure that no angle is forgotten.  I tried to tell you that you missed checking out a backwards biceps pose during your last exercise.  You must not have heard me over your Beats headphones.  It’s ok, I understand.  I’ve always meant to ask you why you never work your legs.  It must be some advanced weightlifting technique I don’t know about.  About an hour after I left the other day, I realized I forgot my wallet.  When I came back to grab it, you were still there.  Yet you didn’t notice me or say hi.  

The funny thing is, I’m there for the same reason as you.  I want to be fit.  I want to be a better me than I was yesterday.  I’m not annoyed by you.  I actually envy your work ethic.  I envy your resolve.  You have a ton of knowledge about so many things having to do with fitness that I could only dream of knowing about.  It’s because of what you have achieved with your own body that I work so hard to build mine.  It is through your inspiration that I seek to inspire others.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for you.  It is because of the motivation you’ve given me that I push my body to its limit to see just what I’m capable of.  I have become a better human.  And for that, I thank you. 


Spartan Daddy


23 thoughts on “Dear Meathead 

  1. Who are you to judge? When I go to the gym I’m there to work out! So is the guy your probably trying to belittle! Your making yourself sound like a pussy who is worried about someone else’s training! Why don’t you mind your own business next time you go to the gym before you get your rubber neck broken! My advise is go to planet fitness with all the other ballerinas! I don’t know you or even how I found your wack ass post on the internet when I was looking at some posts from some Spartans that I respect but I wish I didn’t! Pussy


    1. Geez dude, chill! You missed the whole point of my post man! While yes, I picked on the stereotypes of a stereotypical meathead (while most aren’t), I got mad respect for what they do and I’m inspired to do better by it! Hell, I fit some of the stereotypes myself!


    2. By no means am i judging anyone, it was through going to gyms, seeing these guys do their thing, that I was motivated to complete my Spartan Trifecta. Not trying to offend anyone. Geez man!


      1. It’s all good bro! I really only read the first half of your post before I reacted and that’s my bad. Your alright!! I got 4 kids of my own you seem like a good dude keep up the hard work I can respect that.

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