Elf on the Shelf Returns

It’s almost that time of year when the Elf on the Shelf is set to return.  My daughter named her Carol.  Everything revolved around Carol.  We bought her last year and I have never known of such a powerful behavior modification tool in all my years of being a psychology major.  Whenever my daughter would throw a fit, all we had to do was remind her that Carol was watching and the fit would promptly end.  She even has her own pair of Carol pajamas.  

I talked with Jo about this the other day.  I decided to test her (big mistake).  I told her, “it’s almost Christmas time, do you know what that means?”  I left this question so open-ended, she could have said anything.  She could have said “Jesus’ birthday!” or “Santa is coming” or “it’s almost time for presents!” But no!!!  The first thing out of her mouth is “Carol is coming back!”  

So it is about that time for Carol to come back from the North Pole, and by North Pole I mean my underwear drawer because who would look there?  It’s almost time for me to abandon my man card and surf Pinterest (yes Pinterest) for the latest ideas on how to creatively maneuver Carol into precarious positions.  

I have a feeling that Carol is coming back with an eye patch!  She will also be wearing a Spartan medal on occasion, this I know for sure.  Does anyone else have any ideas for Carol?  

Many parents may say, “how can you lie to your child like that? Say that Santa is real? Manipulate your child with a toy for positive behavior?”  To them I say, “I just do.” Ha!  My child has yet to ask me point blank if Santa is real.  My child has never once asked to pray to Santa.  Christmas has always been about Jesus in our household and always will be.  When Carol becomes more of a focus than the real meaning of the holidays, then she will be adopted into another home with a family that will appreciate her.  For the time being, she is a toy that is providing some holiday entertainment for everyone.  My daughter smiles so big every morning when Carol is around.  She runs into my room and drags me out of bed to show me where Carol is and what kind of sillyness she has gotten into. Stay tuned for many more stories on Carol in the coming months.  Now that I think about it, has anyone ever run a holiday Spartan with an Elf on the Shelf? That would be so awesome!
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