What I Learned About Being A Father of Two

Some of you, not many, may have asked, “whatever happened to that Spartan Daddy Blog?”  He used to annoy us all the time with his posts!  Well there is a good reason for my hiatus.  The Spartan daddy welcomed to this world Lynnae Faith into the world on May 28th!  

I’ve always wondered how as a parent you could ever possibly love anything more than your first child.  How could there possibly be room for more love?  I had a ton of questions that translated into a slight nervousness as to how this was going to work in my life.  So here are some things that I’ve learned the past few months being a father of two girls.

1)  Hearts expand – just when you think you can’t possibly love anything more than your first child, along comes the second.  It’s like your heart automatically doubles in capacity at first glance.  

2) Getting ready takes twice as long –  what used to take 15 minutes to get a 5 year old ready, has now turned into a 35 minute ordeal.  Yelling at one to get her shoes on while the second pukes.  Shoes are finally on but we forgot something.  Uh oh.  Blowout in the diaper.  Oh you want to nurse now? Yea. My life. 

3) You forget how amazing sleep is –  I’ll be honest, I took sleep for granted.  The nights I used to be able to stay up late and get 6-8 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep is now gone.  I now get to wake up every few hours to whimpering or the shrieking cries of hunger.  

4) there is a severe lack of testosterone in my home – a wife, two daughters, and even my cat is a female.  I need to escape to my basement and lift weights to get my dose of manliness in for the day before my kids turn me into a sloppy pile of mushy love again.  

5) One on one time is important – whether it’s with your wife or one of the kids, spending one on one time is important.  My 5 year old was a little jealous at first when she wasn’t the center of attention anymore.  I’ve tried to make it a point to spend one on one time with her to assure her that she is still important as well.  

6) you time is important as well – having to split time between three other people can be draining.  Not that’s it’s a bad thing at all, but reserving some you time is important too.  Usually after the kids go to sleep, that’s my workout time.  I unwind from the day, recharge myself, and we are good to go.

Out of all these things, none of them are bad.  I wouldn’t change any of them.  I love my family and would take any of these six things any day of the week.  Look for more fitness related posts in the near future!  I am currently training for my very first physique competition on October 1! My cutting diet is underway! Until then….AROO!

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