New and Improved Qalo – Improving On The Rubber Wedding Band

So you guys may have seem my post before on the Qalo wedding band.  If you haven’t, you can find it HERE.  Ever since I found these wedding bands, I’ve been hooked.  I don’t know what I would do without it!  So how can they improve upon a good thing?  

A little bit of a back story – I lost about 45 lb a few years ago.  I went from chunky to skinny and my ring no longer fit me.  To remedy this, I bought a little contraption that clamped onto my ring to make it fit better.  It was the cheapest option compared to resizing and the little metal balls they adhere to the inside.  The little clamp pieces worked their way out a little and it was overall uncomfortable.  When I started working out, I found the skin being pinched under my ring.  I hated that!  I would often take my ring off to wear sports because it was heavy and I wasn’t about to have my fingers pinched over a softball bat. 

Enter Qalo!  The silicon wedding band that is comfortable, lightweight, and a fitness lovers friend!  Qalo now has a new body style!!! Check it out!!!

The little dots are holes in the band that allow breathability in the fingers.  The old band, while comfortable, also caused a reaction on my finger much like being in the shower too long.  Qalo also made the ring thinner and lighter which makes it so easy and comfortable to wear.  Sometimes I even forget I have it on.  The silicon is strong, fairly elastic, and stylish.  

Where Qalo really shines is in the fitness arena.  Ever grabbed a dumbbell only to have your finger skin pinched by your ring?  No more.  The silicon acts as a padding and the elasticity keeps your finger from being pinched.  

Qalo offers rings in a variety of colors and styles.  They have the athletic collection, a glow in the dark collection (I have one of these too, way cool), a neon collection, a couple of sparkly ones for the females, and bands such as the thin blue line and thin red line to support law enforcement and firefighters.  They carry both male and female collections for that cutest couple that likes to match.  Qalo has my full support in what they are doing.  Thanks to them, my MUCH more expensive wedding ring is safely nestled on my dresser in my bedroom.  I still really like my original wedding ring, but the practicality and comfort in my active lifestyle puts my Qalo a step ahead.

If you’d like to check out Qalo wedding bands, go to Qalo.  You won’t be disappointed.  

*I am in no way affiliated with Qalo.  I have received no compensation for this blog.  The opinions in this blog are solely my own.  I am just a huge fan!

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