Fitness Wishlist

Everyone has their fitness wants.  It is your wishlist of things you would buy if you went out and picked from the money tree in your backyard. Unfortunately, I could never get my money tree to bloom.   In my head it’s been blooming for years.  Apparently the blooms are only visible to my 4 year old daughter.  It must be a magic money tree.  So here are the top five things on my fitness wishlist:

  1. Skulpt –  this thing looks awesome! I’ve always wanted to have a way to measure my bodyfat in a more accurate way.  By measuring body composition, you can tell if you are getting stronger or more fit, regardless of whether you are actually losing weight.  
  2. Fitbit – I love the thought of having a fitness tracker as a fashion accessory.  If I could choose, I would choose the model that shows the time as well. Fitness tracker + watch = awesome product.
  3. Spartan Race season pass –  this is probably the number one thing on my list.  If you reference the money tree at the top of this post, I don’t have the funds to do near as many races as I would like to.  I’m lucky that I had enough to get my trifecta in this year.  A season pass would be amazing.   I’m pretty sure these are given at the pearly gates when you enter Heaven.  
  4. Brooks Glycerin 12 –  I saw a pair of these at the local sporting goods store the other day and I fell in love.  They were the ones that were mostly black with the blue and green accents.  My first serious pair of running shoes were Brooks.  I bought the GTS Adrenaline 13 and my feet thanked me for it.  I can only imagine these are even better.
  5. Prescription Sunglasses – now that I’m getting older, my eyes have gone downhill.  It’s a major difference between my eyesight when I wear glasses compared to when I don’t.  I have a pair of Oakley Flaks and they are amazing with the Prizm lenses.  Yet my vision isn’t clear because they aren’t prescription.  It would be amazing to have sunglasses that allow me to see clearly as well as protect my eyes with amazing clarity.  

If anyone on here knows where I can find a money tree that will bloom, please let me know.  Ours is clearly defective.  If you had a coupon for it, that would be even better. AROO!

P.S. Hersheypark, here we come!


What Are Your Goals?

If any of you read my previous posts, you would know that I am very goal-oriented.  There is something about setting a goal for yourself that forces you to work harder.  When you achieve that goal, there is nothing like it.  I had a goal to run an ultra-marathon by the time I was 30.  I achieved this goal by setting smaller goals along the way.  I started with a 5k, then a 10k, then a half-marathon, then a metric marathon, then a full marathon, until I ran my first ultra-marathon.  I cried after achieving every one of these goals.  Why? Because it was important to me.  Every one of those moments were a defining point in my life.  Every one of those moments showed me that I was capable of way more than I ever thought I could be.   Completing a Tough Mudder and a Spartan Race was part of this.  I also ran the Merrells Down and Dirty in DC, a 10k.  After completing it the first time, the 2nd time I elected to ruck it in the brick division, 40lb of bricks in a backpack.  None of this is to toot my own horn although I am proud of myself for putting in the work to achieve these goals.  It goes to show that if you set smaller goals for yourself, even an average guy like me can do great things.  

So what are my goals moving forward?  I have signed up for the Spartan Super in VA on Aug 22.  This is the third race for my trifecta, which is a goal of mine.  In September, I want to compete in the Civilian Military Combine in the Poconos.  I think my running and crossfit background will fare me well in a race designed like that.   The Battlefrog series looks challenging and was rated high in the OCR arena so that might be worth giving a shot.  I also want to complete an Ironman triathlon.  The Ironman is a longer term goal.  This isn’t something that I can do this year, nor have I extensively trained for it.  The Ironman is one of those races that are reserved for elite athletes.  I want to be in that club.  Maybe next year.  Fitness wise, I want to be able to bench twice my body weight.  I got a ways to go on that one, farther to go since I’ve put on 20lb in the last 4 months.  I’ve always wanted to be that guy that can bench twice his body weight then go out and run a 6 minute mile.  When I think of fit, THAT is it.  That is why I personally aspire to be.

Whatever your goals are, put in the work to meet them.  Figure out how to make that happen.  Set smaller goals along the way.  I don’t want to see anyone sitting around their living rooms at 75 years old, reminiscing on life, and thinking “man, I wish I would have done __________.”  Dream big.  Aspire to do more, be more.  You never know what you’re capable of until you give it an honest shot.  So I ask you….what are your goals?


Anti-Dad Bod

I’ve been wanting to do a post on this ever since I started this blog.  It’s been eating at me day and night.  What is this thing they call the “dad bod”?  So I typed in to google: “define dad bod”.  This is what I found:

The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out.  The dad bod says, “I go to the gym occasionally but I also drink heavily on the weekends and enjoy eating eight slices of pizza at a time.

Allow me to pick this apart for you.  The dad bod is flabby and lacks any major definition.  The dad bod says, “I go to the gym but I don’t really go hard or anything, I do enough to get by.  I don’t watch what I eat because honestly I don’t care that much and how I look isn’t that bad or that important to me.”

I think there is a difference between those that are “dad bod” and those that are in the transitional stages of greatness.  I have nothing against that.   I don’t really care if you work out or not, it’s your body, do what you want (although I think the positive benefits far outweigh the negative).  My main issue comes out of the belief that women prefer this.  Really?  Put a beer gut dude beside a guy that’s all chiseled and basking in absolute savagry and you tell me that women prefer the first choice?  Maybe I’m delusional, but I would assume that a woman would like to see a guy who is fit.  Not just because his body resembles that of a Greek God on his final stages of carb depletion, but because a fit body demonstrates much more than that.  A fit body shows dedication.  You don’t get a fit body overnight.  To be fit is a lifestyle choice that shows you’re willing to sacrifice even though it’s difficult.  A fit body shows hard work.  You show me a guy who goes in to the gym giving half effort, yet still looks better than a guy who gives 100%, and I’ll show you an anomaly.  Who makes it their life choice to go through life giving half effort anyway?  A fit body shows pride.  This isn’t vanity.  This is being proud that you own your body, that you beat it into submission .  Whether you are doing 5 sets 4 plates on the bench for 12 reps or you master Norms bucket brigade on the side of a ski slope, you are pushing yourself to the limits.  You take pride in your body because you respect the work you put in to get it there.  

To me, the dad bod is a cop out.  The dad bod isn’t giving your all.  The dad bad is being ok with mediocrity.  The dad bod is being ok with being half of what you were meant to be.  How do I know this? Because I was there.  I was that guy.  I weighed in at 195lb of flabbyness and unfit.  But I decided to change.   I decided that I wasn’t ok with that.  I wasn’t ok with being mediocre.  

To all you guys out there who bust your butt every single day and still can’t quite get that six pack.  I’m not talking to you.  To the guys who watch what they eat yet still find a striking resemblance to the dad bod despite carving time out of their days to workout. I’m not talking to you either.  Im talking to all of those out there in internetland that are just OK with being mediocre.  Don’t be ok with that.  Be healthy.  Have some pride in your body and your fitness.  You’ll live longer, be happier, and hey, you might even sign a modeling contract at 31.  Nothing is impossible.  I’m proof. AROO!

How I Became a Dude with a Nosejob

i know what you’re thinking right? This guy…. he’s so vain.  A nosejob? Seriously? I used to like this guy til he went all Kardashian talking nosejobs.  Let me tell you how this went down….

When I was in 5th grade, I was doing what every normal 5th grader was doing, playing kickball.  So there I was, in the outfield, playing the gap like I was Griffey or something.  I looked over at my buddy Ben and gave him a nod as if to say “we got this.” At least that’s how I imagined it.  I grew up playing baseball since I was 5, so it’s probably not far from the truth.  The ball was rolled in and out it came, right in the gap.   With the blazing speed of a cheetah and the reflexes of a mongoose, I took off towards the gap.  Problem was, so did Ben.  I was right there and then…..his forehead met my nose at full speed.   I went to the doctor that night and he said nothing was broken.  A few weeks later, I went back for a second opinion because my nose was not supposed to look crooked.  After the X-ray, they concluded I had a green stick break.  This basically means my nose didn’t actually break at all but it was bent.  They told me I couldn’t get it fixed til I was 18. Something about the bones still growing blah blah blah.  Obviously I wasn’t in any hurry because I didn’t get it fixed til I was 21.  I was far too busy playing a sport every season and then playing baseball in college.  When I finally decided I would get it fixed, they said my septum was so deviated, it was pretty much closed off.  Thus marked the beginning of my nosejob.  A septorhinoplasty they called it.  That basically means they had to rebreak my nose, straighten it out, and shave off the calcium deposit that was left on the bridge of my nose.  This also meant anesthesia.  My parents told me the story of me crying when I came out of it asking, “they didn’t make me look like Michael Jackson did they?!”  True story.

To this day, I will still get random nosebleeds if it’s really dry outside.  The slightest bump from my daughter will cause a steady flow as well.  I use nasal spray far more often than I should.   I justify it in that I have two choices, “breathe” or “not breathe”…sorry but I choose breathe.  All in all, I can breathe much better now.  Being able to breathe out of both nostrils is much better than just one.  

The moral of this story is….even the manliest of men can get a nosejob.  Especially if it came as a result of the most manliest of games, kickball.  To any of the men out there reading this, tell me you wouldn’t join in on a game of kickball right now.   I know you would.  It’s ok. No shame in that.  Your man card just earned a gold star. AROO!

The fit daddy

So who is this guy?  What’s his story?  Well, my name is Gerad and I am a fit daddy.  I wasn’t always that way.  I did what most guys do, got married, got used to his wife’s delicious cooking, and gained a lot of weight.  Except at one point when i was 28 1/2 years old, I remembered that I had a goal to run an ultra-marathon before I was 30.  So….I started running.  A lot.  I lost 45 lb and never looked back.  I went from 5k to 10k to running my first half-marathon in April after I turned 29.  After that I ran a metric marathon (26.2km or 16.3 miles) in August before I ran the Baltimore Marathon in October.  I thought my dream was shot bc the only ultra left was the JFK50 in November and I turned 30 in January of that year.  So I emailed the race director and he told me there were charity spots left.  To make a long story short, I raised the money I needed in two weeks, only a month before the JFK.  I ran it.  It was hard.  Really hard.  I had to pull out at mile 28 because of five blisters on each foot.  As far as I was concerned, 28 miles is greater than 26.2 miles, so I accomplished my goal of running an ultra-marathon before I was 30.

Fast foward to now, I’m 31 and I’m in the best shape of my life.  I’ve run multiple Reebok Spartan Races, a Tough Mudder, the Merrell’s Down and Dirty twice, once with a 40lb backpack of bricks.  I’ve become addicted to working out and being the best me I can be.  The best part of all this is watching my daughter be proud of me.  The hug she gave me when I finished the Baltimore Marathon and said “Daddy, I’m so proud of you” brought me to tears almost instantly.


When I ran the Spartan Beast in New Jersey this year, my daughter did the Spartan Kids race.  She turned 4 (the cutoff age) a week before the race.  She killed it! “Daddy, I’m a Spartan just like you!”  The girl still tells me “AROO!”

So to any of you Dad’s out there that want to be fit and can’t seem to make it happen, you can do it.  I’m proof.  Make it happen.  You and your kids will be glad you did.  AROO!