This Will Touch Your Heart

Here at the Spartan Daddy, I am all about fitness, family, and inspiration.  So today, I want to highlight an amazing daddy.  The first time I came across this guy, I was touched by his story.  I’ve read posts about him both directly and indirectly, each one adding more depth to this guys heart.  I was surprised when I had a message in my inbox from him asking me to check out his story.  Little did he know, I’ve been following his story long before that message came in.  Today I highlight Mr. Kevin Gross.

A really good friend of mine told this story about Kevin in high school where he was in a class talking about abortion.  Kevin asks, “why not use the method of adoption?” A black girl stood up and said, “who’s going to adopt black kids?” Kevin said, “I will.”  It was somewhere around this time that God placed it on Kevin’s heart to have 12 children.  Yes, that’s a lot of children.  I couldn’t imagine having 12 children.  As of this day, Kevin has 8, only 2 of which are biological, 4 are adopted, and 2 are foster.  In the near future, the two foster children will be going back to their parents, however, they are bringing in 3 brothers who now live in separate homes.  Could you imagine the blessing of 3 brothers being reunited?!  Keep in mind, these brothers are school age so to be reunited is truly a blessing.  

This is where our help comes in.  To make this happen, Kevin and his family need to finish their basement.  Social Services needs to make sure that the brothers have room to live before they allow Kevin to take them in.  They started a gofundme page to help raise $25,000 to make this happen. You can find this page here if you feel lead to help:  

This story is one that is truly inspiring to me.  The thought of having 12 kids run around my home sounds totally insane, but it also seems insane to me the amount of love and devotion it takes to do what Kevin is doing.  I’m touched by Kevin’s unbiased love in this process.  He doesn’t care the color of these children’s skin because he realizes that all children are deserving of love regardless of their skin color (a lesson our society could really benefit from).  

So today, I highlight you Kevin Gross.  I highlight your love.  I highlight your willingness to follow your heart.  I highlight your acknowledgement that being a daddy is much more than just giving birth to a child.  I highlight your family as following your heart isn’t always something you can do alone.  I highlight your perseverance as you have never given up on what God placed on your heart.  You are truly an inspiration to many.  Keep it up! We support you! AROO!